Son committed suicide in foreign country due to the quarrel of wife and mother


Nepal Tej Prassad Chamlagain of Jhapa,Mechinagar ward no 1 committed suicide in the saudi Arabia on Mangsir 3,2073. He was in depression from the few month before incident. The reason of the Depression was his mother and wife from Nepal. He went Saudi Arabia after married to earn money for the family.

After he went to Saudi Arabia her mother and wife seperated and and wife went to the her father’s home.Her mother-in-law always shouted upon her and gave nonsense torture and she cannot able to face those torture so she went to her Father’s Home (maita).


Tej prssad convince her mother from the abroad to reunite them but her mother never listen to him. Her mother scold him but didn’t listen to him and finally he committed suicide. Mother is one and only people who is greater than god for their children.If the same mother became evil for you then you cannot control yourself. Same case happend with Tej prassad so he finished himself in the abroad.

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