Increasesd in air pollution ,22 thousands people died from air pollution yearly



5 times increased air pollution in Kathmandu: Nepal varseni 22 thousand Pollution is one of the major problem of the developing country. As like that pollution is the main problem of Nepal. More then 22 thousands people died from pollution in Nepal every year. Kathmandu is going polluted day by day.kathmandu suffer from water pollution,air pollution , sound pollution which creates problem in the daily life of people. Air pollution is increasing rapidly.


Air pollution increased 5 times then which make peoples life complicated and painful in kathmandu valley. Air pollution increased due to the increase in dust and smoke from old vechicles,Road expansion and many more. The World Health organization research of last year2016 the air pollution in the valley increased 5 times then compared to the previous year. Due to the increasing pollution in the valley people suffer from different type of diseases.Nearly 72 percent of heart problems is caused by air pollution in the Kathmandu.


If pollution increase in the same pace then there will be huge problem in the future . . The World Health organization research show that more then 22 thousands people have to face death due to the different diseases caused by air pollution. So government should take action to control the pollution,if they don’t take action now then there will be a big problem in the future.

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