global warming and its effects



Global warming is one of the main issue of the century in all over the world. Environment is changing day by day deu to global warming global warming can have many effects, and the effects are not good Global warming can cause many things like mess with the sea level, affect the weather and so on. Global warming cause negative change in the environment and cause the lots of natural problem on the earth. . Global warming raises the overall temperature and cause glaciers and ice caps to melt, which makes the water expand.


When this happens, sea levels tend to rise more rapidly than normal. According to the Third Assessment Report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the sea level is expected to rise as much as 88 centimeters in the next century. Global warming effects Nepal in very bad way weather changing day by day, winter is month of cold but you feel warm in the winter months, As before monsoon does not arrive in time, and no heavy rain as before. there is unseasonal rainfall sometime. this all are the effect of global warming.


According to the research of Gautam and associates global warming totally effects to the upper region of Nepal.Temperature is increasing day by day deu to the increase in temperature glacier melting rate is increasing and mountain became snowless day by day, which increase amount of water and cause landslide and flood . if the pace of melts snow going on this race then after few years there will no snow. then no more source of water and land will dry and change into desert.


This is not going to be fact it is just possibilites so to prevent we have to save our environment. .If this pace if the snow melts quickly source any water left. There will dry out rivers of ice and monsoon vine is a lack of land, water and soil feel dry and drought. The same thing had become real life in Nepal does not take long to become a desert. I think it is a positive step to use it from now on saccayauna. By devising and save forests must henceforth lagiparnu.


Provision of water can be saved by vikasanmukha yojanayukta development, and this matter can be properly informed of the study and others. If your gharasamajama-term development worldwide as a reminder of everything they could to make and manage the environment is also of great help others.


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