China unveils first interactive robot


The Jia Jia robot was unveiled last week in China. Chinese researchers debuted Jia Jia on Friday as the first of its kind in China. Attractive and lifelike, but also described as somewhat disturbing, the female Jia Jia robot is programmed to recognize human interaction and respond through speech and movement.


Jia Jia looks very humanlike, but with very limited facial expressions, it’s pretty obvious she’s a robot when she starts speaking. Researchers at the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), where Jia Jia was introduced last Friday, said that with very limited resources, they were able to make Jia Jia look very much like a human, but were not able to recreate natural eye and mouth movement.Critics agree that Jia Jia is very good-looking and eerily realistic-looking for a robot, but the fembot fails to make eye contact when interacting with a live human. During a demonstration at the Chinese university on Friday, the Jia Jia robot immediately responded to human interaction, but in a stiff, slow, and robotic-looking manner.


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