Cold plam is Better in winter ,some Benifits of cold plam in winter!!!


To keep Healthy in Winter is one of the challenging task for everyone.Health Specalists Suggest different idea to keep healthy and warm in winter.People use different Fruits and Vegetables to keep Healthy Among them Cold Plam is one of the Nutrient food including iron ,mineral, calcium, amino acids, phosphorus. We can gain 23 calories from a palm. some Benifits of plam in winter Strength Bones Salt found in plam makes bones stronger.


Similarly, it contains calcium, selenium,which also make bones strongs. Increase in Immunity Power Palm Play vital role to Increase your immunity power . Deu to the presence of huge amount of Gulcose in the plam it increase the immunity power of people. Benifits for skin Plam is good for skin as well .

Use Palm add brightness and ingenuity in you face face. Allows instant energy – If you feel weak and you want some energy instantly then Plam may be your solution .Plam give instant energy deu to the contains of elements like Glucose ,sucrose etc

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